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Awarded Projects | Past & Present

  • GO
  • Junior Fellowship
    The effect of fluid volume on vestibular function and adaptation in Meniere's disease

    Doctor Jacob Pogson

    Sydney Local Health District

  • Junior Fellowship
    A novel, preclinical approach to investigate peripheral vestibular dysfunction, in vivo.

    Dr Christopher Pastras

    The University of Sydney

  • Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship
    Stanford-Auckland Scientist-Rhinologist Fellowship

    Dr Raymond Kim

    Stanford University (USA) and The University of Auckland (NZ)

  • Conjoint Grant
    Self-assembling cellular nerve bridges for repair of peripheral nerve injuries

    Associate Professor Jenny Ekberg
    & Doctor Brent McMonagle

    Griffith University

  • Conjoint Grant
    Medical Therapy For Sleep-Disordered Breathing In Children: MIST-SMART

    Associate Professor Kirsten Perrett
    & Associate Professor Gillian Nixon

    Murdoch Children's Research Institute

  • Conjoint Grant
    Identification of predictive biomarkers for immune checkpoint blockade in head and neck cancer

    Arutha Kulasinghe
    & Brett Hughes

    Queensland University of Technology

  • Research Scholarship
    Predicting the development of oral cancer

    Jarryd Boath

    Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

  • Conjoint Grant
    VCCC Program for Organoid-Informed Precision Medicine for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Mr Tim Iseli
    & Associate Professor Oliver Sieber

    Melbourne Health

  • Conjoint Grant
    Probiotics to prevent otitis media in Australian Indigenous Infants

    Professor Anders Cervin
    & Professor Flavia Huygens

    The University of Queensland

  • Special Projects Grant
    Fourth Edition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ear Health Manual

    Professor Harvey Coates

    Telethon Kids Institute

  • Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship
    Determining the effect of barrier dysfunction on mucosal inflammation in chronic rhinosinusitis

    Dr Stephen Shih-Teng Kao

    The University of Adelaide

  • Research Scholarship
    Detecting and removing intra-cochlear blood during cochlear implantation to preserve hearing

    Tayla Razmovski

    The University of Melbourne

  • Clinical Research Grant
    Home delivery home oximetry for rural children with obstructive sleep apnoea: a feasibility study

    Dr Paul Paddle

    Monash Health

  • Clinical Research Grant
    Targeted Screening for Congenital Cytomegalovirus-related Hearing loss in Western Australia

    Dr Jafri Kuthubutheen

    Perth Children's Hospital

  • Conjoint Grant
    A novel treatment for S. aureus recalcitrant chronic rhinosinusitis

    Professor Peter-John Wormald
    & Associate Professor Sarah Vreugde

    The University of Adelaide

  • Conjoint Grant
    3D Printing for Reconstruction of Mandible in Head and Neck Cancer

    Dr Elizabeth Sigston
    & Dr Andrey Molotnikov

    Monash University

  • Conjoint Grant
    Using computer models, virtual surgery and 3D Printing to improve outcomes in sino-nasal surgery

    Dr Kiao Inthavong
    & Clinical Associate Professor Narinder Singh

    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

  • Conjoint Grant
    Progression of hearing performance following cochlear implant neurotrophin gene augmentation

    Professor Gary Housley
    & Honorary Clinical Associate Professor Cathy Birman

    University of New South Wales

  • Conjoint Grant
    “New-era” for personalized health care for Head and Neck cancer treatment

    Dr Jazmina Gonzalez Cruz
    & Associate Professor Christopher Perry

    The University of Queensland

  • Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship
    A longitudinal study of the natural progression of the chronic rhinosinusitis microbiome in patients undergoing current standard medical and surgical treatment

    Dr Tary Yin

    The University of Auckland

  • Clinical Research Grant
    Multimodal assessment of perineural spread in Head & Neck Cancer and development of a Head & Neck Research Unit

    Dr Ryan Sommerville

    Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

  • Research Scholarship
    Tumour-derived extracellular vesicles (EV) as a novel biomarker in head and neck cancer patients.

    Bella Nguyen

    The University of Western Australia

  • Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship
    The optimisation of intranasal drug delivery in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

    Dr Joey Siu

    The University of Auckland

  • Conjoint Grant
    Vestibular dysfunction in type II diabetes

    Dr Rebecca Lim
    & Dr Thomas Wellings

    The University of Newcastle

  • Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship
    The host-microbe interface in chronic rhinosinusitis

    Dr Sathish Paramasivan

    University of Adelaide

  • Conjoint Grant
    Mild Matters: Randomised controlled trial of early amplification for bilateral mild hearing loss

    Dr Valerie Sung
    & Dr Teresa Ching

    Murdoch Children's Research Institute

  • Conjoint Grant
    Metagenomic analysis of the CRS sinonasal microbiome

    Professor Richard Douglas
    & Dr David Waite

    The University of Auckland

  • Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship
    Lymphotropic magnetic iron-core nano tracers for sentinel lymph node mapping in oral squamous cell carcinoma

    Dr Giri Krishnan

    University of Adelaide

  • Conjoint Grant
    Improving the spatial selectivity of cochlear implants using light-based stimulation

    Dr Rachael Richardson
    & Professor Stephen O'Leary

    Bionics Institute

  • Conjoint Grant
    Improving language development outcomes in deaf children

    Professor Colette McKay
    & Dr Robert Briggs

    Bionics Institute

  • Conjoint Grant
    Exploring regeneration of hair cells as a potential treatment for hearing loss

    Professor Marcus Atlas
    & Dr Samuel McLenachan

    Ear Science Institute

  • Conjoint Grant
    Drug therapy to repair cochlear synaptopathy

    Dr Andrew Wise
    & Dr Sherryl Wagstaff

    Bionics Institute

  • Conjoint Grant
    Development of superior sentinel lymph node staging procedures in head and neck cancer using magnetic tracers

    Professor Benjamin Thierry
    & Dr Andrew Foreman

    University of South Australia

  • Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship
    Developing new diagnostic and prognostic breath analysis tools for head and neck cancer

    Dr Nuwan Dharmawardana

    Flinders University

  • Conjoint Grant
    Circulating tumour cells in head and neck cancers

    Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera
    & Professor Liz Kenny

    Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation

  • Research Training Fellowship
    The persistence of the bacterial multispecies microbiome during otitis media

    Dr Alexandra Tikhomirova

    University of Adelaide

  • Conjoint Grant
    Efficacy of antibiotic and corticosteroid treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis

    Associate Professor Richard Douglas
    & Associate Professor Mike Taylor

    The University of Auckland

  • Grant-In-Aid (Supplementation)
    Evaluation of novel electrode materials for improved cochlear implant performance

    Professor Rob Shepherd

    Bionics Institute

  • Overseas Clinical Fellowship
    The Singapore Rhinology Fellowship

    Dr Brett Levin

    Singapore General Hospital

  • Conjoint Grant
    Measuring vestibular sensitivity

    Professor Ian Curthoys
    & Professor Michael Halmagi

    University of Sydney