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Conjoint Grant - 2023

Key components of the Home Delivery Paediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnoea & Snoring Triple Test, or POSTT

The “POSTT Study: Validation of a novel home delivered paediatric OSA screening test”
Dr. Paul Paddle & Professor Yogesan Kanagasingam

Project Description

1-6% of children suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). This can have serious consequences for their physical and cognitive development. Currently, OSA assessment requires expensive, difficult to access and administer sleep studies (PSG) and specialist assessment. This often leads to delays in treatment, and in other cases, adenotonsillectomy surgery without a complete assessment. Dr. Paul Paddle and Professor Yogesan Kanagasingam have developed a potential rapid, accessible and home delivered screening alternative: the Paediatric OSA Screening Triple Test, or POSTT. This comprises an overnight oximetry, a validated sleep questionnaire, and home video tonsil assessment. Dr. Paddle and Prof. Kanagasingam believe POSTT will be more rapid, accurate, accessible, and patient-preferred test. This trial will compare POSTT against PSG to assessing diagnostic accuracy, real-world feasibility and patient satisfaction. Dr. Paddle and Prof. Kanagasingam expect this study will form the evidence needed for a paradigm shift in the assessment of paediatric sleep-disordered breathing and OSA.

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