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Mid-Career Fellowship - 2024

Enabling improved cochlear implant programming for infants: an objective method based on fNIRS
Dr. Demi Gao

Project Description

Infants with severe to profound hearing loss rely on cochlear implants being fitted early in life and programmed accurately to enable development of full speech and language skills. Currently, there is no objective test available to measure the range of sounds and volumes these babies can hear, which can result in these babies missing out on being fitted with a suitably programmed cochlear implant early enough and mean they fa ll behind in their development, with lifelong effects By taking advantage of a new technology which measures how the brain responds to sounds, we have developed an innovative test which measures the range of sounds and volume a baby can hear within just the first few weeks of life. Our test will enable clinicians to make better informed and appropriate treatment decisions and improved programming of cochlear implants early enough in a baby's life, to improve language outcomes for these vulnerable children.

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