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Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship - 2023

The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship (2023)
Dr. Nathan Creber

Project Description

This fellowship is to further Dr Nathan Creber’s research, teaching experience and clinical skills in otology, hearing implantation, neurotology and skull base surgery. The intention is to prepare Dr Creber as an international leader in academic otology. The fellowship is a collaboration between the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the Institute of Academic Surgery in Sydney, and Cambridge University Hospital in the United Kingdom.

During his fellowship Dr Creber will spend 2 years abroad at Cambridge University Hospital, undertaking dual fellowships in 1) otology and hearing implants; and 2) neurotology and skull base surgery. Dr Creber will continue to develop his current clinical and translational research into cochlear implant surgery and Meniere’s disease, as well expand his research interests with a focus to establish local and international collaborations.

Upon return to Australia Dr Creber will resume an academic position at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the Institute of Academic Surgery. Here his role will be to lead academic otology and education with his esteemed colleagues, under the supervision of Professor Cathy Birman. Dr Creber will continue national and international collaborations that will prepare him as a clinical and academic leader both within Australia and internationally, ensuring Australia remains an international centre of excellence in otology.

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