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Clinical Research Grant - 2019

Home delivery home oximetry for rural children with obstructive sleep apnoea: a feasibility study
Dr. Paul Paddle

Project Description

It is estimated that 5-17% of children snore, and that 2-3% suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea-hypogea (OSAH). Untreated, OSAH can result in significant impact on the cognitive, behavioural, metabolic and cardiovascular development of sufferers. Tonsil and/or adenoid removal is a key first line therapy, but these children are at increased risk for early post-operative airway complications. Home sleep oximetry is a reliable screening tool for triaging the care of these children. Low risk kids can have their surgery safely in regional and rural settings, whereas moderate to high risk kids should have their surgery in larger centres, with availability of continuous monitoring, paediatric high dependency, and even ICU. Sleep oximetry however is only available in a few large children’s hospitals in Melbourne, placing a large burden on rural families to undergo this test, if they have access to it at all. This study tests the feasibility and accuracy of a novel home oximetry home delivery service to rural children in order to improve access and care delivery to this under-served population of children.

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