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Overseas Clinical Fellowship - 2017

Dr Brett Levin

The Singapore Rhinology Fellowship
Dr. Brett Levin

Project Description

The Fellowship was initiated by Professor Sethi, an international leader in Rhinology, and pioneer in minimally invasive anterior skull base surgery.

Dr Levin is involved in all aspects of Rhinology and anterior skull base surgery. The fully equipped allergy clinic at Singapore General Hospital focuses on management of airborne allergies. There is considerable exposure to benign skull base pathology, such as pituitary disorders, and also experience in managing malignant sinonasal tumours.

Dr Levin is involved in organising cadaver dissection courses, which are attended by local and international surgeons.

Some of the projects that he has undertaken are discussed briefly below.

The Pituitary database has been in operation for several years and tracks patients undergoing pituitary surgery. He maintains this database and analyse its content in a scientific way that allows publications, presentations and education of our colleagues.

Evidence indicates that nasal steroid sprays do not penetrate the paranasal sinuses as effectively irrigation bottles. We are comparing the use of a betamethasone irrigator to the currently available budesonide, which is significantly more expensive and therefore patient compliance is often poor.

There are no high quality randomised control trials for the use of steroids in non-polyp patients. We are examining this with a double-blinded placebo control pilot study.

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