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How to Apply: the application process

Each year, the Foundation offers a selection of Awards and/or Grants from its Award Suite. This is known as the ‘Award Round’. Awards to be offered are communicated on this website in June each year, and are at the discretion of the GPRWMF Board.

Applications for Awards and Grants offered during the Award Round are to be made via the Applications Portal (excluding the Special Projects Grant: see Award Page for further detail), which Applicants may register for in advance. Applications are usually open throughout July until late August. 

Awards available outside of the Award Round are the Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship, the Academic Surgeon- Scientist Fellowship, and Chairs in OHNS. Please read the relevant Award pages for further detail.

Application Process

Assessment Criteria

The Foundation Board review and assess applications based on 3 Pillars of Assessment:

The Board may in its absolute discretion withdraw any Award if, in its opinion, the Application has not fulfilled the objective of the Foundation to fund only the best people, research and applications.

There are no specific priority areas at this point in time.


Eligibility Criteria

It is the responsibility of Applicants to ensure they meet eligibility requirements. Applicants must:

  • Read and follow the Instructions for Applicants
  • Read the Terms and Conditions of Award
  • Ensure their Application is submitted before the Award Round closes

Those who do not fulfil the above may be deemed ineligible. Instructions for Applicants and Terms and Conditions of Award are available via the relevant Award page, during an Award Round. 


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