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Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship - 2020

Stanford-Auckland Scientist-Rhinologist Fellowship
Dr. Raymond Kim

Project Description

This fellowship is to further Dr Raymond Kim's clinical skills, as well as research and teaching experience, with the intention of preparing him as an international leader in academic rhinology. The Fellowship is split between Stanford University (USA), and The University of Auckland (New Zealand).

Dr Raymond Kim will receive comprehensive surgical training in the full spectrum of advanced techniques, including revision sinus surgery, frontal sinus surgery, office-based surgical procedures, and endoscopic skull base and orbital surgery for benign and malignant disease. Ray will be actively engaged in all aspects of the Department’s comprehensive educational program, including medical student conferences, resident didactics, grand rounds, and teaching in the clinic and operating room. Equally emphasised will be personal academic mentorship to develop and refine skills in teaching, research, manuscript preparation, grant writing, and oral presentation.

Once the overseas component is completed, Ray will return to an academic position at The University of Auckland and Auckland City Hospital. Here his main objective is to lead academic rhinology, along with Professor Richard Douglas. This will see him as a clinical and academic leader within New Zealand, as well as internationally. The knowledge, experience, training and relationships from working at Stanford will provide solid grounds for Ray to establish his academic surgical career, and solidify Auckland into an international centre of excellence in rhinology

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