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Conjoint Grant - 2017

Testing and diagnosis of vestibular disorders in the clinic

Event Monitoring for Acute Vertigo: A Vestibular Holtor Monitor
Associate Professor Miriam Welgampola & Dr Jonathan Kong

Project Description

Vertigo is an unpleasant illusion of movement and is caused by disorders affecting the inner ear balance (vestibular) organs and their pathways. With a lifetime prevalence of over 30% and an annual prevalence of 5%, it is a disabling symptom that leads to falls and injuries in the elderly. Vertigo accounts for 4% of emergency room presentations, is the third most common presenting symptom at medical outpatient facilities and constitutes an immense burden to the healthcare budget. There are five common causes of vertigo which include benign positional vertigo (BPV), Vestibular Migraine (VM), Vestibular Neuritis (VN), Meniere's Disease and Stroke.

The aim of this project is to project capture episodes of acute vertigo in emergency rooms, general practice clinics and patients’ homes and use the nystagmus recorded from acutely dizzy patients towards an early and accurate diagnosis of the five common vestibular disorders.

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