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Conjoint Grant - 2019

Using computer models, virtual surgery and 3D Printing to improve outcomes in sino-nasal surgery
Dr. Kiao Inthavong & Clinical Associate Professor Narinder Singh

Project Description

This project uses ground breaking new techniques in Computational Fluid Dynamics for “Virtual surgery”, and 3D Printing to improve patient outcomes in surgery of the nose and sinuses. Blocked nose and sinus problems have a significant impact on the quality-of-life of millions of Australians. Surgery to the nose and sinuses can relieve many of these problems but is often based on “educated guesswork” by surgeons. This project will use “Virtual Surgery” using computer-based and 3D-printed models to accurately assess which surgery is effective in the nose and sinuses. It will design new surgical procedures to improve airflow through the nose using the same aerodynamic techniques applied in Formula 1 race car designs. This project will use the ingenuity, innovation and interstate collaboration of surgeons and engineers in centers across NSW and Victoria to relieve suffering for many Australians

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