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Senior/Principal Research Fellowship - 2016

A Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy image of a guinea pig cochlea demonstrating the oto-protective effect of the drug ‘Probucol’ (applied transtympanically), following system ototoxic treatment.

Using 3D Fluorescence Imaging to Investigate Animal Models of Meniere’s Disease
Dr Daniel Brown

Project Description

Ménière’s syndrome affects approximately 50,000 Australians and is known to negatively impact an individual’s quality of life as it can lead to social withdrawal and depression. The proposed cause of Ménière’s syndrome is said to include autoimmune, allergic, genetic, and viral mechanisms, all of which are thought to induce symptoms such as swelling of the fluid-filled membranous labyrinth, termed "endolymphatic hydrops".

Daniel's project aims to develop a model of chronic hydrops, using (amongst other techniques) a Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope as a new platform to study inner ear fluid dynamics and pharmacokinetics in normal and pathological ears in experimental animal models.

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