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  • Do you offer Application forms to practice on before the Award Round?

    No. However, during an Award Round, the online Portal allows you to save your progress on an application. This is saved as a draft application which you may access and amend throughout the Award Round (usually 8-10 weeks) before submitting. There is no limit to how many draft applications you may create. Any drafts not submitted by the Award Round closure will not be considered for assessment.

    All Application forms – including budget and other templates – are made available during the Award Round.

  • Do you require academic transcripts?

    Yes, only for Research Scholarships. If this is unavailable during the Award Round, please include in your application written assurance from your nominated supervisor that you will be offered a PhD position for the year of Award.

  • Help! I cannot submit my application on the Portal. What do I do?

    Almost all Portal issues can be resolved by:

    1. Ensuring all form fields are completed
    2. Ensuring all attachments are uploaded and in the correct format
    3. Following the Instructions for Applicants

    If after the above steps you are still experiencing technical difficulties, please log this with us before the Award Round closes. Log an issue via:

    • The error message at the top of your application
    • The Contact Us page (choose as a Reason for enquiry “APPLICATION/PORTAL: Log an issue”)

    You will receive an email confirming your issue has been logged. If you do not receive this email, please check your Spam folder. The Foundation will endeavour to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

  • How do I know I'm eligible for an Award?

    The best way to check your eligibility is to read the Terms & Conditions for your preferred Award. Terms & Conditions are updated and made available at the beginning of each Award Round.

  • How is funding split over the course of the Award?

    Each Award has different funding requirements. Please check the Terms & Conditions of your preferred Award.

  • May I complete my application with a digital signature?

    Yes. We strongly encourage a paper-free application, which includes digital signatures.

  • May non-Australian/NZ citizens or permanent residents apply?

    Awards are on offer to Australian or New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. Awardees must meet this condition by the Commencement Date of their Project.

    If you have applied for citizenship or permanent residency, please include detail of this in your Application, for consideration.

  • Must I supply a work/Institution email in my application?

    Preferably, yes. A work or institution email offers proof of eligibility, and is preferred for official documentation and correspondence.

    If you do not currently hold a work or institution email (or you are soon to be changing your institution email), please advise the Foundation.

    For regular communications, you are welcome to advise the Foundation of a preferred email address.

  • Where are the Instructions for Applicants?

    Instructions for Applicants are made available during an open Award Round via:

    1. The online Portal, under “Supporting Documentation”
    2. Award Pages
  • Where are the Terms & Conditions?

    Terms & Conditions for each Award are made available during an open Award Round via:

    1. The online Portal, under “Supporting Documentation”
    2. Award Pages

    Please note that Terms & Conditions vary between each Award.

  • Where is the application form for the ASSRS / ASSF / Chair in ORL / Special Project?

    These Awards must be applied for outside of the online Portal and annual Award Round dates.

    For more details, please check the relevant Award page.