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Mid-Career Fellowship - 2024

Development of Biomimetic Scaffolds for Accelerated Osteogenesis
Dr. Xiao Liu

Project Description

This collaborative project aims to revolutionize jaw reconstruction by developing a novel scaffold that promotes rapid bone formation and integration. Current methods use patients' own bones, leading to complex surgeries. The team from Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, University of Sydney, and University of Wollongong created a hybrid 3D-printed scaffold combining a strong backbone with a resorbable part for dental implants. The backbone's effectiveness has been proven in lab tests, the resorbable component needs improvement. To address this, this project target to develop a collagen-based scaffolds that mimic natural bone composition and promote calcium deposition for rapid bone regeneration. The scaffold's architecture is carefully designed with customizable pore sizes and bioactive motifs to promote vascularization and bone ingrowth. This innovation holds the potential to revolutionize jaw reconstruction by providing a more effective and safer alternative to current methods, offering faster healing and better outcomes for patients.

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