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Conjoint Grant - 2024

Novel hydrogel-based delivery of a new RNA-therapeutic to treat oral cancer
Professor Peter Leedman & Dr. Stephanie Flukes

Project Description

Oral cancer has a poor prognosis and urgently requires new innovative treatment options. The aim of this study is to characterise, optimise and deliver a new RNA based therapy for the treatment of oral cancer. By increasing the levels of certain microRNAs that naturally occur in our body, we can turn off cancer genes and stop tumour growth. We have generated a "super" microRNA called mRx-7 with chemical modifications to enhance its stability and effectiveness. Furthermore, mRx-7 will be infused in an innovative biomedical gel and delivered directly to the oral cancer surgery site, effectively increasing drug specificity, reducing unwanted side effects, and resulting in a better quality and longer life for oral cancer patients. Success of this study will revolutionize the way we treat such patients and provide hope that a new clinical paradigm is being developed.

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