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Frontiers 2021

November 10, 2021 Event

Thank you to all our Speakers, Moderators, and Attendees of Frontiers 2021: the Art, Science and Future of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

The conference ran online 4-6 November 2021, with Keynote Speakers Dr Linda Friedland and Professor Timothy Hullar (Oregon Health & Science University) presenting on various topics, and a total of seven sessions covering issues specific to Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery:

Vestibular Session

With the latest discoveries and difficulties facing our expert panel, from:

  • Professor Americo Migliaccio teaching patients to ‘unlearn’ dizziness.
  • Professor Alan Brichta’s view of the vestibular world under mini-microscopes.
  • Associate Professor Miriam Welgampola’s quick and efficient dizzy diagnostics.
  • Dr Ross Harrington on what (and what doesn’t) work in the clinic.
  • Tim Hullar on psychophysical vestibular tests.

Foundation Alumni Dr Rebecca Lim then moderated a frank and open discussion with panellists.

Perspectives of Head & Neck Cancer

A ‘bench-to-bedside’ session, with talks from:

  • Linda Friedland on Advances in Immunotherapy
  • Dr Kendrick Koo on advances in personalised therapies (including his own molecular research)
  • Dr Ben Dixon on the surgeon’s perspective, ensuring patients have the best treatment
  • Dr Tracey Nicholls’ nurse perspective, working as a H&NC co-ordinator
  • Julie McCrossin AM with the patient’s perspective, particularly the ongoing dental needs for H&NC survivors

ENT Surgeon Bernie Lyons moderated the lively, fast-paced panel discussion, one which we’re sure our audience will want to watch again on-demand.

The Garnett Passe Memorial Lecture (abridged)

Professor Raewyn Campbell gave a special presentation on surgical ergonomics, a surprisingly under-developed area in healthcare. ENT surgeons in particular have a very high risk of physical injury from their work. An enlightening presentation and Q&A session with Professor William Coman.

Frontiers in OHNS Research

A regular session at Frontiers, which brings together the scientific endeavours of early career researchers within the specialty, who have received Foundation Awards. This year’s researchers all happened to focus on Otology.

Dr Michael Jay then fielded questions from the audience, where we gained insight into how to bring research into your work-life balance.

Artificial Intelligence

With speakers from ENT, research, and industry, Frontiers dived into the world of machine learning, data analytics and more:

  • Michelle Gallaher, CEO of Opyl gave an overview of AI, its potential and problems
  • Clinical Associate Professor Narinder Singh spoke on how AI can improve on telemedicine for rural and remote communities
  • Dr Liz Sigston took us through 3D Printing, and clinical needs of surgeons
  • Professor Gustavo Carneiro showed us real-world applications of AI in healthcare
  • Dr Stefan Harrer gave an industry viewpoint, with the Digital Health Value Chain

A big concern discussed by the panel was regulatory, data and privacy concerns of AI, particularly the informed consent of patients.

Research: fraud, funding and furthermore…

An all-encompassing look at the current state of research, and the challenges that lay ahead, with talks from:

  • Professor Jennifer Byrne on Research Fraud
  • Professor Susan Dodds on the ethical considerations around machine learning and ‘Big Data’
  • Professor Guy Maddern on being mindful when implementing new research in the clinic
  • Professor Bruce Robinson on research funding and why “commercialisation” is not a dirty word

Professor John Funder kept the panel discussion to time, with a burst of questions from the audience for our expert panel.

Finally, Professor William Coman announced our Poster Winners:

  • Christian Lux: the in-vitro efficacy of neutral electrolysed water and povidone-iodine against CRS-associated biofilms
  • Gary Housley: Establishing the first-in-human trial for cochlear implant neurotrophin gene augmentation to ‘close the neural gap’
  • James St. John: Chlamydia pneumoniae infects the brain via olfactory and trigeminal nerves and triggers Alzheimer’s disease pathologies
  • Tary Yin: The chronic rhinosinusitis microbiota: a one year longitudinal observational study

Thank you to all our live attendees and speakers for making Frontiers a truly unique event. For those unable to join us live, the conference is now available on-demand via your Pheedloop login. Registrations will remain open until November 2022, via the Frontiers website.

We look forward to all your feedback via the survey, and can’t wait to see you in person at Frontiers 2023, in the Barossa Valley, South Australia! To stay in the loop, sign up for our Frontiers newsletter or Foundation Matters.

External link: The Frontiers website

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