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Junior Fellowship


Important Notice:

In response to the COVID-19 virus, GPRWMF would like to advise our Awardees, collaborators and the OHNS community that we will continue operating under revised protocols.

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This Award will be on offer during the 2021 Award Round.


To enable outstanding individuals to obtain postdoctoral (or equivalent) training under the supervision of an experienced clinical or scientific researcher, with the view to establishing a research career in OHNS in Australia and/or New Zealand.

These Fellowships are offered only to those who are judged by the Foundation to have great potential in the field.

Fellowships may be spent in Australia, New Zealand or overseas.

This Award was previously known as the Research Training Fellowship.

Term of award

Up to 2 years


Applicants must be a fully qualified scientist, surgeon or equivalent clinical specialist, and hold a PhD or provide evidence of significant independent research experience. Applicants must have no more than five years postdoctoral (or equivalent) experience at the time of application.

Full eligibility requirements are listed in the Terms and Conditions of Award.


Funding includes an allocation equivalent to the NH&MRC Training Support Package Level 1 for the applicant's salary (including on-costs), plus up to AUD 15,000 pa for minor items of equipment, consumables, and conference attendance.

How to apply

Applications are open during the annual Award Round, with outcomes being communicated in December. Applications must be submitted online via the GPRWMF Application Portal, which can be accessed through this website. Please note that this Award may not be offered every year. Awards on offer will be announced on the GPRWMF website during June and July.

Application requirements

Key information for Junior Fellowship Applications include:

  • Details of the Applicant, including an up-to-date CV
  • Details of proposed Institution, intended Head of Department and intended Supervisor
  • References
  • Research Plan, including Background, Research Aims, Methodologies and Key References

Any additional requirements are specified in the Applications Portal and/or Instructions for Applicants.

Applications are through the Applications Portal. To register, please click here.


Apply now

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Applications open annually between early July and late August, with outcomes being announced in December.

Exceptions to this are: 1. Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship: supervisors are announced on the Foundation website in February, with applications being aligned with the SET application process. 2. Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship: offered on a periodic basis. For more details, please email us. 3. Chairs in OHNS: for more details on submitting a Chair in OHNS Proposal, please email us (