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Conjoint Grant



To support and promote genuine collaborations between scientific researchers and clinical practitioners who are undertaking research, that demonstrably advances research towards improvements in OHNS clinical practice.

Term of award

Up to three years


Applications require two Chief Investigators (CIA and CIB), one being a clinical practitioner and the other being a scientific researcher who holds a PhD, and/or is able to provide evidence of significant independent research experience.

A clinical practitioner and scientific researcher working in the same department may apply for a Conjoint Grant as Chief Investigators however, Applications with Chief Investigators from different departments and/or institutions will be viewed favourably.

A Chief Investigator may hold a maximum of one (1) Conjoint Grant at any given time.

The CIA and CIB must have the right to work in Australia or New Zealand (as appropriate).

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Award for all eligibility and ineligibility criteria.


a. For a three (3) year project, no more than AUD $375,000 all-inclusive;
b. For a two (2) year project, no more than AUD $250,000 all-inclusive; or
c. For a one (1) year project, no more than AUD $125,000 all-inclusive.

How to apply

Applications are open during the annual Award Round (early July to late August), with outcomes being communicated in December. Applications must be submitted online via the GPRWMF Applications Portal.

For further detail, see How to Apply.

Application requirements

Applications for Conjoint Grants must include:

  • Chief Investigator details, including CVs
  • Research Plan
  • Budget (template provided)
  • Current grants/awards and applications pending or to be submitted within the year (CIA and CIB)
  • Signed Terms and Conditions of Award (proforma provided).

Additional requirements are specified in the Applications Portal form and Instructions for Applicants.

Applications are through the Application Portal. To register, please click here.