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Research needed for early detection of HPV

A/Prof Chamindie Punyadeera (at right) and her lab team, as seen on Channel 7 News, Brisbane.
June 5, 2019 News

News stations across Australia have recently highlighted the need for early detection of Head & Neck cancers to increase survival rates.

At the forefront of research aimed to combat this are A/Prof Chamindie Punyadeera and Professor Liz Kenny (GPRWMF 2018 Conjoint Grant Awardees), whose work in salivary diagnostics may soon make early detection as simple as “swish and gargle” test. Their research – as seen on Channel 7 News – could help prevent cancers caused by the human papillomavirus from redeveloping, and increase the survival rate by up to 80%. Currently, Chamindie and Liz are planning a clinical trial for the research, and are in talks with an industry partner.

The recent attention to this groundbreaking work was a part of QUT’s (Queensland University of Technology) annual public fundraiser – “Giving Day” – which not only draws attention to the excellent quality of research at the institute such as Chamindie and Liz’s, but allows the general public to contribute to various programs.

For more detail on this particular project, please visit the QUT website.

External link: Link to QUT Giving Day Page