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Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship


Important Notice:

In response to the COVID-19 virus, GPRWMF would like to advise our Awardees, collaborators and the OHNS community that we will continue operating under revised protocols.

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This Award is offered on a periodic basis - please contact the Foundation for details.


Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowships are intended to support eligible candidates in obtaining overseas clinical, research, teaching and administrative experience. This is achieved by providing a surgeon-scientist working in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) with the opportunity to embark on an academic pathway by:-

  1. spending up to two years overseas as a GPRWMF Senior Surgeon-Scientist, to explore a stated interest in developing an academic career in OHNS in Australia and New Zealand, and thereafter
  2. returning to Australia and New Zealand to establish an academic career in a Department of OHNS, with partial financial assistance from the GPRWMF for up to two years. At this time, he or she will be afforded the title of GPRWMF Academic Surgeon-Scientist.

Term of award

Up to four (4) years.


Outstanding candidates holding both FRACS and PhD qualifications.


Financial assistance is provided for each of the four (4) years of the Fellowship. For the overseas component, funding is provided towards the Awardee's salary (plus on-costs), travel, accommodation, conference attendance and maintenance. For the domestic component, funding is provided towards the Awardee's salary (0.5 EFT, plus on-costs), conference attendance and maintenance. For further details of levels of funding provided, please contact the Foundation office (see below).

How to apply

Fellowships are offered on a periodic basis to outstanding candidates. Please contact the Foundation office for further details of this Award.

Application requirements

Application requirements will be made available to eligible candidates following discussion with the Foundation office.

Supporting Documents


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Applications open annually between early July and late August, with outcomes being announced in December.

Exceptions to this are: 1. Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship: supervisors are announced on the Foundation website in February, with applications being aligned with the SET application process. 2. Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship: offered on a periodic basis. For more details, please email us. 3. Chairs in OHNS: for more details on submitting a Chair in OHNS Proposal, please email us (