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Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship


This Award sits outside the annual Award Round. See 'How to Apply'.


To enable an outstanding surgeon-scientist working in OHNS in Australia or New Zealand to embark on an academic pathway by obtaining overseas clinical, research, teaching and administrative experience, before returning to Australia or New Zealand to establish an academic career in a Department of OHNS.

Term of award

Up to four (4) years.


Applicants must be outstanding surgeon-scientists working in OHNS, with the right to study and/or work in Australia or New Zealand (as appropriate).

Applicants must hold a PhD, and/or provide evidence for significant independent research experience, at the time of application.

Applicants must be committed to pursuing an academic-clinical career in a Department of OHNS in Australia and/or New Zealand.

Individuals who currently hold a similar fellowship must relinquish that fellowship to accept an Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship.

Individuals who have previously held and received funding for an Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship are ineligible.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Award for all eligibility and ineligibility criteria.


For the overseas component (Years 1-2):
• A full-time stipend of up to AUD $150,000 per annum (all-inclusive);
• Up to AUD $5,000 per annum for minor items of personal equipment/consumables and conference attendance; and
• Up to AUD $5,000 per annum towards relocation costs to/from the overseas institution.

For the domestic component (Years 3-4):
• A part-time (0.5 FTE) stipend of up to AUD $75,000 per annum (all-inclusive); and
• Up to AUD $25,000 per annum for minor items of equipment, consumables and conference attendance.

How to apply

This Award sits outside of the annual Award Round. The usual timeline for applications is outlined below, noting that this may be altered depending on the timing of the overseas component of the Fellowship.

- Nominations are put forward to the Foundation by the academic head of unit before May in the year preceding the start of the overseas component of the Fellowship (which is usually July to September of the following year).
- Suitable candidates are invited to apply in May, and applications submitted in September.
- Applicants are advised of the outcome in December i.e. 6-8 months before the overseas Fellowship commences.

Application requirements

The application process requires an academic head of unit to nominate a potential ASSF candidate.

Nominations are sent to the Foundation office by email, including (in brief):
– why the candidate should be considered for the Award
– a brief overview of the candidate’s career progression and future plans
– the anticipated timing of the overseas component of the Fellowship
– the candidate’s current CV.

Should the Board determine that they are worthy of consideration, the candidate will be invited to submit an application. Application requirements and submissions are provided via email.