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Dr. Darren Mao

Dr. Darren Mao

Dr Darren Mao was awarded a BBiomed in 2012, MEng in 2014 and a PhD (Engineering) in 2019 from The University of Melbourne. During Darren’s PhD, he worked on the development of an objective measure of hearing by recording responses from individuals’ brains using electroencephalography.

Darren now works as a development engineer in the Translational Hearing Research team at the Bionics Institute. There, he performs research and development on using functional near-infrared spectroscopy to measure hearing responses in infants in the EarGenie project. The EarGenie team aims to improve clinical management for infants with hearing impairments.

Darren has extensive experience in hearing neurosciences and signal processing, and has an interest in the integration of different fields of knowledge in the biomedical engineering field.

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