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ENT charity proposes a way to fund long term research

October 27, 2021 News

Foundation CEO Dr Jeanette Pritchard has featured in The Australian online, with an article on the need for greater collaboration and innovation with regards to funding long-term research.

Jeanette writes “Having been a researcher myself…it is tragic to see gifted and dedicated researchers with so much to offer fall by the wayside. Teams that have been built over decades are being disbanded and their facilities discarded.”

The article discusses the role government and philanthropy play in Australian research, including how the pandemic has exposed both the vulnerability of academic research and its capacity for life-changing outcomes.

“Expertise must be retained, as must custom research facilities and collaborative relationships between scientists and medical specialists” says Jeanette. “There is opportunity for change, and the time is now to establish support structures to safeguard future innovation for the benefit of all.”

More on the future of research in Australia and New Zealand will be discussed at the upcoming Frontiers conference.

External link: The Australian online (paywall)

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