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Professor Peter Catcheside

Professor Peter Catcheside

Prof Peter Catcheside is a respiratory and sleep physiologist. He completed his PhD in exercise physiology, and worked in a range of exercise, respiratory and sleep scientific support roles before joining the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health (AISH) in 1997. In 2012 he was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship and joined Flinders University, where he remains in an ongoing position. He has broad research interests in physiological signals and processes relevant to quantifying sleep and breathing problems, including snoring and sleep apnoea, sleep disturbance from noise, and circadian disrupted sleep and daytime functioning. He has led and collaborated across a range of detailed physiological and randomised controlled clinical and non-clinical trials seeking to advance knowledge and evidence-based medicine, through understanding human physiology and pathophysiological mechanisms, and improving diagnostic and treatment approaches for clinical problems. A major ongoing interest is to advance better methods needed to understand complex interactions between anatomical and non-anatomical factors causing obstructive sleep apnoea. New knowledge in this area is essential to guide precision sleep medicine, so effective treatments can be selected first, based on underlying pathophysiology, rather than standard treatment, followed by trial-and-error alternatives after standard treatments often fail.

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Conjoint GrantSelecting patients for sleep surgery using novel physiological and surgical phenotyping2023