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Dr. Joey Siu

Dr. Joey Siu

Joey began her Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Academic Surgeon-Scientist Scholarship in her first year on the training programme for ear, nose, and throat surgery (ENT) on the surgeon-scientist pathway. Being granted the opportunity to embark upon a PhD, she completed her thesis titled ‘Drug distribution in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis’ in 2022. Her studies include the investigation of sinonasal concentrations of oral antibiotics with relation to the sinonasal and gut microbiome, as well as the use of various techniques to measure the sinonasal deposition of intranasal devices. Joey has since moved to a career in general practice, an area where chronic sinusitis and various otolaryngologic conditions are common. Effective medical treatment in primary care remains the mainstay to managing the significant disease burden caused by chronic rhinosinusitis.

Other GPRWMF awards received by awardee Year
Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship (ASSRS)The optimisation of intranasal drug delivery in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis2018