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Associate Professor Andrew Wise

Associate Professor Andrew Wise

Associate Professor Wise graduated from Monash University (PhD) before undertaking a research fellowship at the Bionic Ear Institute. He moved to Bristol, England where he took up a post-doctoral position before returning to Melbourne to continue research at the Bionics Institute.

A/Prof Wise’s research focuses on understanding hearing impairment and developing therapeutic technology to treat it. In particular, he has been investigating the protective and regenerative effects of neurotrophins; a class of growth factors that can protect the inner ear sensory cells from degeneration. His current research projects use nanoengineering techniques to produce a drug delivery system that can deliver growth factors to the inner ear to treat hearing impairment. The research is at an exciting phase and A/Prof Wise and his team are aiming to translate this technology into the clinic to treat people with hearing impairment.

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Conjoint GrantDrug therapy to repair cochlear synaptopathy2018
Senior FellowshipDelivering hearing therapeutics to the clinic2021