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Dr. Kristi Biswas

Dr. Kristi Biswas

Kristi is a molecular microbiologist with particular interests in the interplay between host immune response and associated microbes in upper respiratory disease. She completed her BSc (Honours) in 2004 from University of Dundee, UK and her MSc in molecular microbiology from University of Otago, NZ in 2007. In 2014, she received her doctorate in molecular microbiology from University of Auckland, NZ. Kristi is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Surgery, University of Auckland and was recently appointed to the Executive Committee of the NZ Microbiological Society. She has published >50 peer-reviewed articles in international rhinology/microbiology journals, and 2 book chapters.

Kristi’s main research area is chronic rhinosinusitis. While earlier work largely focused on observational studies of microbial diversity, she recognizes the critical importance of going beyond 16S rRNA gene surveys and seeking to understand the in situ function of these communities and the mechanisms underlying disease. To this end, she uses cutting-edge analytical tools including proteomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics and histological approaches, as well as recent laboratory work with biofilm reactors and nasal epithelial cell cultures. A combination of these techniques will be used to elucidate the impact of antimicrobials on the human host and associated microbial communities.

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Mid-Career FellowshipDetection and treatment of biofilms in chronic rhinosinusitis2022
Conjoint GrantTackling antimicrobial resistance in chronic rhinosinusitis2024