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Meet the 2023 Awardees

March 2, 2023 Announcement

The Passe & Williams Foundation is proud to announce the list of our 2023 awardees. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce these exceptional professionals to the world.

Our 2023 awardees have been chosen for their astounding projects and their contributions in advancing ENT sector. In supporting our awardees, the Foundation is committed to aid their scientific research in new products and technologies in the field.

We invite you to meet our 2023 awardees and learn more about their remarkable projects:


Otology, Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery | Dr Nathan J. Creber


Recurrent Positional Vertigo: Separation of central and peripheral origins by nystagmus profile | Dr. Nicholas Yang

Building a non-coding RNA system biology network to identify mechanism pathways in oral cancers | Sarah Stapleton


Exploring a novel approach for preventing otitis
media | Dr. Brianna Atto

Inner ear organoids for the study of human hearing and balance | Dr. Jacqueline Ogier

A new cochlear implant signal processing strategy for mitigating | Dr. Tommy Peng


Targeting Cancer Associated Fibroblasts to Overcome Immune Cell Exclusion in Head and Neck Cancer | Dr. Janin Chandra


Developing smart next-generation therapeutics for chronic rhinosinusitis | Professor Sarah Vreugde


Proteomic assay of upper airway secretions in diagnosing aetiology of inflammatory laryngeal disease | Dr. Anthony Rotman

The diagnostic utility of laryngeal reflexes in infants | Associate Professor Catherine Sinclair


Perfecting new drug targets for head and neck cancer | Professor John Silke & Doctor Annette Lim

High Resolution Imaging for Head and Neck and Skull Base | Dr. Ryan Sommerville & Professor Markus Barth

The “POSTT Study: Validation of a novel home delivered paediatric OSA screening test | Dr. Paul Paddle &
Professor Yogesan Kanagasingam

Selecting patients for sleep surgery using novel physiological and surgical phenotyping | Professor (Andrew) Simon Carney & Professor Peter Catcheside

Developing a multi-omic, high-dimensional assessment of head and neck cancer | Dr. Arutha Kulasinghe
& Associate Professor Brett Hughes

Bioprinted adipose derived stem cells for engineering vascularized bone tissue in in vivo bioreactor | Dr. D S Abdullah Al Maruf
& Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee

Read more about their profile and awarded projects on our website. There’s also the News Room with updates on Foundation activities and ENT news, and regular posts on LinkedIn.

Thank you to all 2023 Applicants, and once again congratulations to our 2023 Awardees!

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