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Eradicating Ear Disease with Artificial Intelligence

January 18, 2022 News

“AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not my specialty,” declares Dr. Al-Rahim Habib in a video released by Microsoft about artificial intelligence “but I began to teach myself coding.”

Focusing on “Everyday Innovators”, Microsoft has highlighted the work of Rahim and his Research Scholarship project Drumbeat.ai, to show real-world applications of artificial intelligence (AI). The Drumbeat project uses AI to triage rural and remote paediatric indigenous ear disease.

Rahim’s work is in collaboration with Indigenous groups, universities, tech companies and government, to bring “Aussie ingenuity to the Outback”. The project has already reached some promising outcomes, and is receiving recognition for it’s forward-thinking of healthcare.

To learn more about Rahim’s work, see the video below, Drumbeat.ai, or Rahim’s Profile on our website. To learn more about our Research Scholarship, click here.




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