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Beyond Five is now Head & Neck Cancer Australia

September 29, 2020 News

Head & Neck Cancer Australia is a support network dedicated to improving the quality of life for those affected by head and neck cancer, through education and access to support.

The organisation was previously known as Beyond Five, a name that stemmed from doctors referring to curing cancer in terms of five year survival. Patients who manage to go ‘beyond five’ are often left with side-effects that interfere with everyday life: loss of voice, inability or difficulty swallowing, visible scarring and other issues. Head & Neck Cancer Australia realised the need of both patients and healthcare professionals for assistance navigating these outcomes.

Made up of a team that includes Australia’s recently appointed (and first) Professorial Chair in Head and Neck cancer surgery Professor Jonathan Clark AM, Head & Neck Cancer Australia has a range of resources available via its website which can prove invaluable for those in need. These include fact sheets, online videos, assistance finding a head and neck clinic, and links to organisations around the world.

The name change will no doubt help more people find Head & Neck Cancer Australia for the support they need.

External link: Visit Head and Neck Cancer Australia's website

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