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Special Projects Grant


Important Notice:

In response to the COVID-19 virus, GPRWMF would like to advise our Awardees, collaborators and the OHNS community that we will continue operating under revised protocols.

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Please note that this Award is not on offer in the FY2021 Award Round


To support one-off, discrete projects or activities that will significantly benefit Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery in Australia and/or New Zealand, and that sit outside the scope of the Foundation’s standard suite of Awards.

Term of award

Determined on a case-by-case basis.


• An Applicant must be an individual or an organisation that is actively working in OHNS scientific/clinical research and/or clinical practice. If an individual, the Applicant must be based at, or affiliated with, an Australian or New Zealand institution that will administer the Award (‘Administering Institution’) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Award. If an organisation, the Applicant must be the Administering Institution.

• Proposed projects or activities must be discrete and sit outside the scope of any of the Foundation’s standard Awards including Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships and Chairs in OHNS.

• Special Project Grants may not be used to supplement or extend funding for an existing Foundation Award.

• Special Project Grants may not be used to fund a project or activity that has previously received funding from the Foundation, except instances where the proposed project is related to, but has significantly different aims and objectives to, the original project or activity.

Please see the Terms and Conditions of Award for a full list of eligibility criteria.


Determined on a case-by-case basis. A Special Projects Grant must be administered through an Australian or New Zealand institution. Additional eligibility criteria for the Administering Institution are listed in the Terms and Conditions of Award.

How to apply

Applications open during the annual Award Round, when the Award is on offer.

Applications must be submitted to the Foundation by email to and include all required information in the format specified in the 'Instructions to Applicants'. Please note that Instructions will not be available if the Award is not on offer.

Application requirements

The following will be provided to prospective Applicants as separate documents, as required:

  • Format for Applicant CV
  • Budget Template

Apply now

Start the online application process by clicking the button below.

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Applications open annually between early July and late August, with outcomes being announced in December.

Exceptions to this are: 1. Academic Surgeon-Scientist Research Scholarship: supervisors are announced on the Foundation website in February, with applications being aligned with the SET application process. 2. Academic Surgeon-Scientist Fellowship: offered on a periodic basis. For more details, please email us. 3. Chairs in OHNS: for more details on submitting a Chair in OHNS Proposal, please email us (