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Senior Fellowship



To enable outstanding individuals to move to the highest level of leadership, undertaking high impact research of international standing in OHNS in Australia and/or New Zealand.

The Senior Fellowship is the Foundation’s flagship Award.

Term of award

Up to five (5) years.


An Applicant must be an established senior scientist, a fully qualified surgeon or equivalent clinical specialist with the right to study/work in Australia or New Zealand (as appropriate).

Applicants would usually be at least ten (10) years post-doctoral, or have equivalent research experience, at the time of application. Applicants will be assessed on their stage of career relative to opportunity. Applicants already holding a professorial position are unlikely to be considered for a GPRW Senior Fellowship.

Applicants who currently hold a similar fellowship must relinquish that fellowship to accept a GPRW Senior Fellowship.

An Applicant must be an outstanding internationally recognised contributor to science in research of major importance to OHNS, be fully committed to the field of OHNS and demonstrate such in their application.

Individuals who have previously held and received funding for a GPRW Senior Fellowship or its predecessor the GPRW Senior/Principal Research Fellowship (SPRF) are ineligible.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Award for all eligibility and ineligibility criteria.


No more than AUD $270,000 per annum (all-inclusive), including:

i. A stipend reflecting the experience level of the Awardee and based on the NH&MRC Principal or Senior Principal Research Fellow Support Package;
ii. Start-up costs in the first year of the Fellowship;
iii. Research assistance, consumables, equipment, and other justifiable expenses in subsequent years.

Full details are available in the Terms and Conditions of Award.

How to apply

Applications are open during the annual Award Round (early July to late August), with outcomes being communicated in December. Applications must be submitted online via the Foundation's Applications Portal.

For further detail, see How to Apply.

Application requirements

A limit of one (1) Senior Fellowship application may be submitted by a single department within any Administering Institution for any given Application Round.

Applications for Senior Fellowships must include:

  • Applicant details, including a full CV
  • Research Plan
  • Budget (template provided)
  • Details of all research funding received, in addition to applications pending or to be submitted within the year for the Applicant
  • Details of two (2) professional Referees
  • Signed Terms and Conditions of Award (proforma provided)

Additional requirements are specified in the Applications Portal form and Instructions for Applicants.

Applications are through the Applications Portal. To register, please click here.