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Professor Stephen O’Leary

Professor Stephen O'Leary

Professor Stephen O’Leary holds the William Gibson Chair of Otolaryngology at the University of Melbourne, and is a Senior Specialist in the Otology and Cochlear Implant Clinics at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.  His interests include inner ear function and protection in surgery, cochlear implantation, drug delivery to the ear and surgical simulation.  Professor O’Leary is a Practitioner Fellow of the National Medical Research Council (Australia), and dedicates his time to both research into Otology and surgical practice. He was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health & Medical Sciences in 2017.

Key skills and techniques:
Professor O’Leary is a surgeon-scientist in both the clinical and research domains. His clinical expertise is in ear (otologic) surgery, cochlear implantation, and treating inner ear disease. He also has experience leading randomised controlled trials related to cochlear implantation and Indigenous ear health.

In the laboratory, Professor O’Leary is internationally recognised for his work on hearing protection during cochlear implant surgery, especially through pharmacological treatments. He has been involved in the development and use of animal models to study inner ear disease and trauma mechanisms, and has extensive experience with a wide range of electrophysiological techniques; these include electrocochleography, cochlear response telemetry and technically complex experiments such as single-unit recordings.

Other GPRWMF awards received by awardee Year
Conjoint GrantImproving the spatial selectivity of cochlear implants using light-based stimulation2018