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Dr. Tommy Peng

Dr. Tommy Peng

Dr. Tommy Peng was awarded BSc and MSc in biomedical engineering from the Washington University in St Louis (Missouri, USA) and a PhD in computer systems engineering from the University of Auckland (New Zealand). As a part of his biomedical engineering training in the United States, he developed, implemented, and evaluated a speech-in-noise hearing test for mobile devices. During his PhD, he developed computational and data-driven electrocardiographic models to improve drug and surgical intervention outcomes for heart disease.

Tommy now works as a post-doctoral research fellow in the multidisciplinary Translational Hearing Research team at the Bionics Institute. There, he combines his experience in psychoacoustics, electrophysiology, and predictive modelling to identify patient-specific areas of poor auditory neuron survival that lead to poor speech understanding outcomes in cochlear implant users. He is developing a personalised cochlear implant signal processing strategy which mitigates the negative effects of these patient-specific neural dead regions.

Tommy hopes this personalised strategy will improve hearing outcomes for cochlear implant recipients and allow them to listen with improved clarity and confidence.

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