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Dr. Rebecca Lim

Dr. Rebecca Lim

Dr Rebecca Lim is a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Her research interests focus on the function of the peripheral and central balance (vestibular) systems. Throughout her career she has had an interest in the relationship between structure and function of neural cells. She uses a number of different techniques to investigate this relationship in sensory cells of the vestibular system including electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, and molecular biology.

Rebecca’s research investigates the development of the human peripheral vestibular system using these techniques. Rebecca’s aim is to determine the stage that sensory hair cells functionally differentiate, when and how afferent pathways make the appropriate connection to hair cell, and to gain insight into the signalling pathways that modulate these processes. Understanding how these connections are established has important implications for stem cell and regenerative technologies that often recapitulate development.

Recent support from the Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation has provided the opportunity to develop transformational research between the laboratory bench to bedside. In collaboration with Dr Thomas Wellings, Rebecca will investigate the effect of diabetic status on balance function in patients, and to determine whether this dysfunction originates in the peripheral organs of the inner ear.

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