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2022 Annual Review

February 14, 2023 News

The Passe & Williams Foundation is thrilled to announce that our 2022 Annual Review is now available both online and printed. We are excited to distribute it to the ENT community!

This Annual Review provides an in-depth look into the progress and activities of the Foundation during the past year and its efforts to supports our awardees and their projects.

Highlights included in the 2022 Review are:

  • Details of our 2022 Awardees and their Projects
  • Alumni activities
  • Research/Awards completed in 2022
  • Garnett Passe Memorial Lecture

The Foundation is proud to share the significant strides we made towards our mission to promote, maintain and improve medical knowledge and education, and the highest standards of excellence in Otolaryngology Head and Neck surgery.

A thank you, too, to Jo Ryan at Socket To Me, for another wonderful design for our 2022 Annual Review.

For more information or to access the 2022 Annual Review, please click the link below:

External link: Read the 2022 Annual Review online

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